Our Purpose

The purpose of RFIS is to enable missionary families to continue their God-given assignments in central Africa, confident that their children’s educational needs are being met. In that light, RFIS endeavors to accomplish the following Ends.

End #1

Students who are sincere followers of Christ.
1.1. Students who have a foundational understanding of the Bible.
1.2. Students who apply biblical principles and a biblical worldview to all aspects of life.

end #2

Students who are well-balanced and set healthy priorities.
2.1. Students who are educationally qualified.
2.2. Students who are qualified for further education in their passport countries.

End #3

Students who have the skills to be life long learners.
Students who understand, respect and adjust appropriately to other cultures.

Students prepared for the next stage of life.

Our Values

The Association believes that truth is best understood as we view God’s world in the light of God’s Word.
a. The Association promotes activities and relationships based on Biblical principles and values.
b. The Association mandates that all aspects of the curriculum be taught from a Christian perspective.
c. The Association requires the study of the Bible as part of the School’s curriculum


The Association intentionally mandates an international perspective which provides an environment valuing curricular, pedagogical and linguistic diversity.
a. The Association mandates an international curriculum.
b. The Association recognizes the multinational origins of the students attending the school and, therefore, seeks an international atmosphere rather than giving preference to any one particular national culture.
c. Although English is the primary medium of instruction, the Association commits itself to the teaching of the grammar and literature of languages other than English.
d. The Association encourages a culturally diverse faculty

The Association strives for unity in Jesus Christ while valuing cultural and linguistic diversity.
a. The Association recognizes the diverse origins and unique nature of the students attending the school and, therefore, seeks to create an atmosphere of love, acceptance and unity.
b. The Association is non-political in nature.
c. The Association will show no racial bias.

The Association serves those who serve and, therefore, endeavors to develop an attitude of service in its students and community.
a. The Association encourages engagement with its physical and socio-cultural environment in Yaoundé and Cameroon and seeks to promote understanding across cultures and nationalities.

The Association seeks to provide a diverse program of studies including academics, practical and fine arts and athletics.