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One step closer to become an RFIS student!

Fill in all the blanks in this form in an accurate manner. Answer all questions truthfully! Attached below are the complete files which make up your application checklist. Make sure to download all of them, anwering all questions accurately. If you have any concerns while filling these documents, please contact our guidance counselor at

Fill in these forms in the order presented above. You will have to create one big pdf (only one .pdf can be uploaded) with all the documents you would have downloaded above, compiling all the documents into one .pdf file. This file will have to be named in the following manner: "last_name-first_name-grade_level-date_of_birth.pdf" For example, "onyie-david-grade_12-09_01_2005.pdf" Upload this file to the section of the form that says "UPLOAD APPLICATION DOCUMENTS". Make sure to respect this naming convention. THANKSūü§Ě

Also, if you wouldn't like to fill the form and follow the instructions enumerated above. You could send an email attached with the filled out forms to or you could just come in person to our campus to deposit the documents.

Some of your Questions:

Q What grade levels are taught at RFIS?

The School provides a secondary education comparable to grades 6-12 in the American system, Form One - Upper Sixth in the Cameroonian Anglophone system, and Sixi√®me‚ÄďTerminale¬†in the Cameroonian Francophone system.

Q. Can my child come for their final year of High School and get a diploma?

No. A student must be enrolled at RFIS for at least 2 years to earn a diploma.

Q. What curriculum do you use?

Our curriculum is designed to meet a variety of student needs. We use a combination of US, Canadian, British and locally developed curriculum. RFIS is accredited in the US with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Middle States Assc. (MSA). All courses are taught in English.

Q. Do you have boarding for students?

No. RFIS is a day school. However, we can give you contact information of a local family who is able to house students.

Q. Do you provide transportation?

No. Parents arrange transportation daily for their students. Some drop off and pick up their students, others hire drivers or contract a trusted taxi driver.

Q. What is the cost of tuition?

For the 2024-25 school year tuition for grades 7-12 is $10,000 (USD); for Grade 6 / Form 1, $5,000 (USD) payable through bank deposit or transfer. One may arrange a payment schedule with the finance officer.

Q. Are meals available at school?

Yes. Lunch and snacks are available to purchase.

Q. How do I enroll my child in RFIS?

There is an application process. The application is found on our web site at Complete the application and see the checklist for other needed documentation. Drop the application documents at RFIS entrance or email a scanned copy of the completed application to the Admissions Office at You will be contacted to arrange required English, French and Math entrance exams.

Q. Are students required to wear a school uniform?

No. There is no school uniform, but we do have a dress code that can be found in the Family Handbook on the school web site Admissions page (

Q. RFIS is a Christian school. Can my child attend RFIS if we are not affiliated with any Christian church?

Yes. Students do not have to profess faith in Jesus or be Christians to attend RFIS. However, all students are required to be in a Bible class every semester, memorize Bible verses as well as read and reflect on Scripture.Additionally, all students are required to attend a weekly chapel service.

Q. What time does a school day begin and end?

Classes begin at 7:30 AM and end at about 3:00 PM

Q. What universities do RFIS graduates attend?

RFIS prepares students for higher education in their passport countries. In Cameroon our diploma is granted equivalency and recognized by public, private and trade schools.
Graduates have gone on to universities elsewhere in Africa, in Europe, UK, South Korea, the US and Canada.