Some graduation requirements may be earned through Work Study or Independent study. Academic credit may not be earned for babysitting or extra-curricular activities. The credit system as defined in the the RFIS Handbook is used to determine eligibility for graduation from RFIS. Credits toward graduation are normally earned only in grades nine through twelve. For students to recieve an RFIS diploma, they must normally attend RFIS for at least two years, including their entire twelfth grade year.
While at RFIS, students must take a minimum of two and one-half credits each semester, with one and a half of those being academic courses. Academic courses are normally those which have written final exams or lead to external examinations.
External Examinations
The credentials for entrance into North American Universities and colleges are the High School Transcript and external exams such as Advanced Placement Exams and SAT 1 and 2. Recently RFIS has adopted the MAP Growth Test, which will be implemented in the years to come.
Academic Probation
Students are expected to maintian a passing level in the subjects in which they are enrolled. When this is not the case the Director will consult with the parents, teaching staff, and student to see what steps can be taken to improve the student's performance. In the case of prolonged failure to achieve a passing level, the School reserves the right to determine if the student will be able to continue at RFIS.
Community Service
Students must complete eight hours of community service each year of attendance in high school in order to graduate. At least half the time spent on Community Service projects each year must involve interaction with and be of service to the host culture and must be approved by the Community Service advisor or the school administration.
Internal Tests
Teachers will generally give a final examination at the end of each semester. These examinations are comprehensive, covering the facts, skills, and concepts studied during the entire semester (December) or school year (June). Students who do not take external exams will need to take a semester final in these courses.