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Truth is best understood as we view God's world in the light of God's Word.
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Call us today at +(237)6 77 93 71 62 or Email us at rfis-guidance@rfis.org

A private international school providing a quality education for students ages 11-18, grades 6-12. Apply Now

RFIS Core Values

A very large campus, equipped with everything for the wellbeing of students.

Christian Worldview

- Our school promotes activities and relationships based on biblical principles and values
- All aspects of the curriculum are taught from a Christian perspective
- The study of the Bible is part of the school curriculum.

Josh Clark

International Perspective

- An enviornment which values curricular, pedagogical and linguistic diversity
- An international curriculum
- An international atmosphere that does not give preference to anyone particular national culture
- While all instruction is in English, RFIS is committed to teaching grammar and literature of languages other than English
- A culturally diverse faculty.

Mary Jane

Community Service

- RFIS strives for unity in Jesus Christ while valuing cultural and linguistic diversity
- An atmoshpere of love, acceptance, and unity
- Non-political in nature, desiring to show no racial bias
- Encourages engagement with its physical and socio-cultural environment
- Provides opportunity for service to the local community.

Nix Maxwell

Diverse Study Program

RFIS provides a diverse program of studies including academics, practical and fine arts, and athletics for all students.