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The RFIS Board of Directors

What is the role of the board?

The RFIS Board governs the school on behalf of its moral owners to ensure the Ends of the school are achieved and the values of its moral owners are not violated. The Board follows the framework of “Policy Governance” as they seek to ensure that school policy reflects the school’s stated purpose and philosophy. The Board generally meets five times per year and has one direct employee – the Director of RFIS. Though accountable to the Board, the Director is responsible for the operational decisions of the school.

Questions about the day-to-day running of the school, curriculum, teachers, operational policies, etc. do NOT fall under the jurisdiction of the RFIS Board and should be directed to the school administration.

Questions related to the bigger picture of the school’s existence such as the Mission, Vision, and Philosophy of the school would be appropriate to bring to the Board. Likewise, questions about the Board itself are reasonably addressed to the Board. If you have a concern about the RFIS Director, or a decision made by the director that seems contrary to the school philosophy, it should FIRST be brought to the attention of the director.

If you are not satisfied with the Director’s response, it could then be addressed to the RFIS Board.

Should a matter arise that needs to be brought to the Board, it must be presented in writing to the entire RFIS Board through the chairman. Concerns should not be presented to individual Board members, since they have no authority to make decisions on their own. You can contact the RFIS secretary for the Board Chair’s contact information.

How are board members selected?

The RFIS Board is made up of 7-10 individuals, including the Director who is a non-voting member. One member is appointed by each of the three partner missions. Four to six members are elected from within the RFIS Association members, and one more member can be appointed by the Board Chair from the Association members. All Board members must agree with the RFIS Statement of Faith. Typically, members serve for 2 years at a time.

Our Board

dan friesen edit

Dan Friesen

Board Chair, CMF Representative

Jessica Spangler

Jessica Spangler

Elected Member

Dave Hare


Vice-Chair, Elected Member

Lance Freeland


Elected Member

AnnaIrbyID pic edit

Anna Irby

RFIS Director

Kendall Isaac


Elected Member

chris smoes

chris smoes

Secretary, Elected Member



SIL Representative

Lori Shinar


Elected Member

Todd Jones

Todd Jones

Elected Member

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