Game Report

Date 9/9/2017

Boys Soccer A team had a friendly game against the SIL Flaming Angels. The game was played in a complete down pour, making it very hard to move the ball. Both teams had fun and the final score was 2 – 0 for RFIS.

Date 13/9/2017

Girls Basketball started off with a very hard first match. They played against ACPB and scored 17 points. However the final score was 17 to 67 for ACPB.

Both Boys Soccer A and B teams matched up against BINYA Football Academy. This also was not an easy game. BINYA played quick touch football and dominated the games. RFIS gave their best, but both RFIS teams struggled to find the net. The boys A team lost 4 – 0, and the B team lost 6 – 0. Both teams are excited for a rematch on Wednesday.