The RFIS Board currently consists of the following ten members

Susie Hohn

CMF Rep/Chair


Leanne Turk

Vice Chair.


Kevin Bradford

Secretary (SIL Rep)


Ryan Gerbrandt

ECIP Representative


Kristi TenClay

RFIS Director


Kendall Isaac

Elected Member.


Brian Yee

Elected Member


Joshua Ham

Elected Member

Nathan Conrod

Elected Member


Denis Freeland

Elected Member


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the RFIS Board?

The RFIS Board is tasked with developing and maintaining governance policy for the school and ensuring that this policy is adhered to, as well as the purpose and philosophy of the school. The Board meets five times per year, usually for 3-4 hours each time. The Board has one direct employee – the Director of RFIS. The Director serves as a non-voting member of the Board and is likewise accountable to the Board. The Director is responsible for the operational decisions of the school.

How are Board Members selected?

The RFIS Board is made up of 7-10 appointed or elected voting members and the director of the school as a non-voting member. The three RFIS partner organisations each appoint one Board member:
• Cameroon Missionary Fellowship (North American Baptist, Converge Worldwide/Baptist General Conference, World Team);
• Evangelical Covenant International Partners (Evangelical Covenant and the Evangelical Free Church Missions); and
• SIL Cameroon.
In addition, the RFIS Association elects members from the association who have children in the school and support the mission, vision, and philosophy of the school. Board members are selected at the June RFIS Association meetings and begin service on August 1st. Finally, the board chairman may appoint one additional member. Board members must be expatriate missionaries, and must be in agreement with the school’s Statement of Faith. Typically, members serve on the RFIS Board for two years.

What questions are NOT for the Board?

There is a common misconception that the RFIS Board deals with administrative issues (staff, teachers, curriculum) and school operational policies (such as Dress Code, Attendance, Tardiness, etc.). This is not the case. Any questions on the day-to-day running of the school should be addressed to the school administration, not to the Board. If you have a concern about a teacher or about a classroom matter, this should first be brought to the attention of the teacher, and then to the school administration if you are not satisfied with the teacher’s response. This type of concern should not be brought to the Board.

What questions are for the Board?

The RFIS Board deals with the “big picture” aspect of the school, including the mission, vision and philosophy of the school. If you have any questions about the general direction and future of the school, then it would be appropriate to bring these questions to the Board. The Board has only one employee – the RFIS Director. If you have a concern about the RFIS Director or about a decision taken by the Director which seems to be contrary to the school philosophy, this should first be brought to the attention of the Director, and then to the Board if you are not satisfied with the Director’s response. If you have any questions about the RFIS Board itself, then these questions can also be addressed to the Board. Should a matter need to be brought to the Board, it must be presented in writing to the entire Board through the chairman. Concerns should not be presented to individual board members, since they have no authority to make decisions on their own. If you would like to contact the Board Chair, you can get her address from the RFIS secretary or director.