Our Purpose

To enable missionary families to continue their God-given assignments in Central Africa, confident that their children's educational needs are being met.

Our Mission

Students prepared for the next stage of life

Our Vision

We desire to see RFIS flourish as an international school serving missionaries, expatriates, andnationals while maintaining a Christ-centered education and environment that will empower students for global engagement.

End #1

Students who are sincere followers of Christ.
1.1. Students who have a foundational understanding of the Bible.
1.2. Students who apply biblical principles and a biblical worldview to all aspects of life.

end #2

Students who are well-balanced and set healthy priorities.

End #3

Students who are educationally qualified.
3.1. Students who are qualified for further education in their passport countries.
3.2. Students who have the skills to be life long learners.

End #4

Students who understand, respect, and adjust appropriately to other cultures.

Our Core Values