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Dear RFIS community,
These past couple of years have been filled with uncertainty, constant change and adaptation.
COVID made us go through all kinds of unpleasant changes. Changes that were out of our control.
Overall, this has had a negative effect on the school environment and interactions within the RFIS
community. For the first time in a while, we can say we are back to ‘normal’, which is a true blessing.
Being able to have chapels and assemblies in the auditorium, not having to mask, and being able to
have a normal school schedule are all blessings. As a community, we need to thank God for that. This
year, God has given us the opportunity to somewhat control the changes we want to see. For that
reason, STUCO’s theme for the year is bringing Unity through new rhythms. To change the trend of
recent years by bringing fresh ideas and add interesting twists to existing events.
Although the start of the school year has been slow for STUCO, we are working hard to achieve
our goals. There are a few interesting events coming during the second quarter, including a FIFA
World Cup related event. Keep praying for the school and STUCO that the LORD would guide and
protect us.
Hope you all have a restful break!
Stay Safe,
Jonathan Bekoullom

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