Staffing Needs at Rain Forest International School.

All expatriate RFIS teachers are faith based missionaries and as such are not paid by the school. Teachers and expatriate staff are supported by their own partnership teams based primarily in their home countries and around the world!

If you are interested in filling one of these positions, you may go to the Partners page and link to one of our partners with whom you can serve at RFIS or contact the school director at

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Needed Starting January 2018 Full-Time Equivalency
IT Manager 1
Librarian 1
Needed in 2018-19 Full-Time Equivalency
Middle School Math Teachers 0.5
Middle School Science Teachers 0.5
Guidance Counselor 1
Mental Health Professional 1
Learning Support Specialist 0.5
High School Math Teachers 1
High School Science Teachers 1
School Chaplain 1
Music Teacher 1
Facility Manager 1